The Silent Enemies

So in class, we’ve started reading “The Count of Monte Cristo.” While I’ve just started reading, I’ve come to a realization. Currently, all of us probably have at least one enemy in the sidelines. We don’t know who they are, nor what they’ve been doing behind our backs, possibly not even what they hate about us. And those kinds of enemies are the most dangerous ones. We have absolutely no idea how or when they’re hurting us.

In the book I previously mentioned, the main character Dantes was stabbed in the back by the enemies he never really considered a threat. They accused him of being involved in a conspiracy against the king, which at the time (during the time Napoleon was sent to the Isle of Elba) was the worst possible thing to do. He was sent to prison, and was most likely going to remain there for the rest of his life unless something was done.

How terrible is that? Although of course in real life situations, the consequences of such backstabbing actions is rarely ever quite as severe (at least I hope so).

And so I’d like to address the problem of why these types of dangerous relationships occur. Honestly, I can only come to the conclusion of envy. If you did something to directly harm them and make them hate you, then you would clearly know who was your enemy. They most likely wouldn’t even hate you in silent, but rather clearly express their disgust and anger. But envy, in opposition, is quite different. They don’t even need to know you to hate you. If you’re pretty or hot or have incredibly great grades, they can just see or hear that easily.

I wouldn’t say you need to become paranoid about figuring out who all of your enemies are. A lot of the time the people who silently hate you do absolutely nothing, so don’t worry about it too much. It’s just those rare chances where you encounter an incredibly scary and possibly even insane (not insane as in mad but..I suppose, dramatic?) person that is worrying. I’ve met some people like that and it is not pretty. But nothing bad happened except for a few violent and loud encounters; I doubt anything worse will happen to most of you.