How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Aahh Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet and loving day for both couples and close families. Yes, there are both ups and downs to this special day. However, how about we take a change in pace this week? Why not talk about the positives and ignore the negatives for once? Here are what I think are great about this holiday:

  1. Families with Valentine’s Day traditions can get together and celebrate in a non-romantic way
  2. You can get PRESENTS ♥
  3. You can spend the day with your special someone, even if no money is spent on the date
  4. If you’ve been having a lot of fights with your loved one, this is a day to ignore all of that and just be together
  5. Valentine’s Day is a stress-reliever, and just allows you to forget about all your problems (maybe about school, work..)
  6. It allows you to feel all special and happy
  7. It’s a day to possibly get a boyfriend or girlfriend (GO OUT AND ASK THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE!)
  8. You can break your diet and eat plenty of sweets and non-healthy foods
  9. You can revive your dying love by using this day as an excuse to spice things up (try new things, experiment on new restaurants or something)
  10. And finally, you can take a break from the stress of taking care of your kids and just enjoy your day with your husband or wife (Yes, having children is an immense joy that I have yet to experience. However, I do believe it can be a very stressful thing, and parents deserve a break from all of that once in a while)

Not a bad list, huh? I honestly do like Valentine’s Day a lot, but I’d hate it if my significant other spent a lot of money on this day. Spending money on a (special) date is NOT mandatory! So guys, if your girl doesn’t want to be spent on a lot, don’t do it! You’re not gonna get much out of it, and you’ll just end up making her feel bad. If she wants to be spent on, that’s all well and good and you can go ahead and spend your life savings! Kidding. Kind of.

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading guys! And I hope you’ll continue to read my blog posts every week!


The Manipulation of Women



A Work of Artifice

The bonsai tree
in the attractive pot
could have grown eighty feet tall
on the side of a mountain
till split by lightning.
But a gardener
carefully pruned it.
It is nine inches high.
Every day as he
whittles back the branches
the gardener croons,
It is your nature
to be small and cozy,
domestic and weak;
how lucky, little tree,
to have a pot to grow in.
With living creatures
one must begin very early
to dwarf their growth:
the bound feet,
the crippled brain,
the hair in curlers,
the hands you
love to touch.

Marge Piercy

To me, I believe this poem is trying to convey that women are capable of doing so many things, and are even able to surpass the capabilities of men. However, they are tied down by the expectations of society in their own little pot, the pot that regulates their lives and establishes rules that deform them into a perfect image. An object, so to speak. Women are expected and taught to be domestic, to concede to the demands of men. No, I’m not saying all women are taught this. But I do believe that up until now this has been a real problem and discrimination in the general population.

I was raised inside a traditional Asian family, where the males are the head of the house and the women simply listen to them with simple-minded thoughts. Do this, do that. Don’t think for yourself, don’t act outside of what I say. This was the general rule of how things went. I hated it. I didn’t want to be a domestic servant for my father and brother, but whenever I tried to speak out of what my father said I’d be shot down and then some. And then I’d look at my aunts and uncles who are 10-20 years younger, and who have an equal relationship between the men and women. Times are changing as the generations move on; I believe that is true. I believe that, at least in the area of where I live, women have more opportunities to freely express themselves and do as they please without discrimination now. However, I believe that many other women are still being oppressed within their traditional families, in which conditions are not changing as time unravels.

Why is this? From the very beginning, why were women viewed as the inferior of the human species? Why must we concede to the expectations of other men, or even other women? I honestly don’t understand, and nor do I understand why traditional families are not opening themselves up to the current times and changing their views and habits. Why must women be manipulated by the general expectations of society?

*Note: My family has mostly moved on from its traditional ways, and our past conditions are no longer a concern. I do not believe most women are being manipulated into the perfect image any longer, at least from my own experience. I simply want to know why women in the past were treated in such a way.


Cause Traffic is the Best Thing In the World, Right?

So on my way to class this week, I went down the usual streets and realized that I had been staying in place for several minutes. It took me 10-20 minutes to get through just one street, and when I finally arrived at the light I realized that there was a blockade. I still don’t really know what happened, other than that there were a few police cars up ahead and that’s why everything on the path to that area was blocked off. At first I was really angry and annoyed, but it gave me time to think and I had no tests nor quizzes that afternoon. So I began to relax!

Tests, quizzes, presentations, essays, studying, homework, volunteering, clubs. That’s all that’s EVER on my mind all throughout the week. Even during the weekends, I don’t really have time to myself.

So why think? Well it gives you time to organize things in your mind, re-evaluate your actions, prevent future mistakes from occurring, and it gives you a little “you-time”. No one can hear your thoughts, you don’t need to hesitate about anything. Your mind is your safe haven. However, it’s bad to have too many things running through your mind all at once, similar to how traffic comes about. What I’m trying to say is, don’t over-complicate things.  Yes things seem bad at the moment, and you’ll get really angry and frustrated. However, there’s always a bright side at the end of the road and you can begin a new path. Even if you have a lot of things going on in your life at the moment, always remember to give yourself some you-time because hey, you deserve it. Everyone deserves a break every once in a while, so don’t push yourself too hard or else you’ll be stopped at a blockade and give up.

Struggling with Creative Art

Hey guys! So during class last week, we did a few creative activities. Since I was in a rut this week for a new topic, I decided to just re-post some of these drawings from my classmates. I thought they were really cool , and that you would all enjoy a nice change in pace. Unfortunately, none of these original arts are mine. I’ve never been an artistic person, and having been struggling with both being creative and being artistic all my life. Although it’s not like I’m the only one! So here you go, and enjoy!

Props to Chris

Props to Chris

Props to Linh


Props to Timothy (This is my favorite picture)

Props to Sara

Props to Michelle

Props to Tiffany

Props to Aileen

Please remember that none of this art is mine; I’m not trying to steal credit from any of them. If you’d like to compliment the original artist, I can try to pass on the message (although I don’t really know most of the people mentioned in this post). And thanks for reading this week’s post!

Trying to Be Funny

Hey guys! So this week, I just wanted to list some different types of comedy and examples. I’m not really good at cracking jokes or making people laugh, but after being given a packet about comedy techniques, I thought it might help other people in provoking belly laughs in their friends and family, or in recognizing simple comedic techniques in their English classes.

Verbal Irony: When a statement is said, but the speaker is understood to be meaning something contrary to the literal meaning. Ex: Sarcasm, “Isn’t it as pleasant as a root canal?”,  -something bad happens- “Oh, great..”

Situational Irony: A situation in which something is expected, but something else occurs. Ex: A police officer gets arrested, a tow truck is towed

Physical Humor: Horseplay or slapstick; the failure to achieve a physical endeavor. Ex: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Tom & Jerry

Recognized Embarrassment: Ex: Someone farts, you make eye contact with the person next to you, and they think it’s you who did it. Entering the wrong class room. Eating noodles, and coughing out the food. Biting into a piece of pizza, and the cheese falls off and onto your chin.

Mistake: Ex: Falling down, pulling a door when you’re supposed to push, calling a teacher Mom instead of Ms. or Mrs.  _____

Extreme Ignorance or Stupidity: Ex: Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers, PJ from Good Luck Charlie

Sorry for not posting in a while, and for not really discussing topics/voicing out my opinions this time! I wasn’t sure what else could be included in this comedic-based post, but I’ll try to be better next time!

*Note* I may or may not be late in posting next week, due to studying for finals. Sorry in advance!

Finding Your OTP

OTP – A one true pairing, typically from a novel, manga, anime, television show, or movie.

This MAY not be a problem for everyone reading this, but I certainly thought carefully about which (possible) couple could become my ultimate OTP, the one who no other couple could surpass in my mind. It’s taken all my life to finally find my own, but I have. Mr. Sydney Carton and Lucie Manette from “A Tale of Two Cities” will most definitely be my most favorite couple for a long, long time. In Book 2: The Golden Thread, Chapter 13 (page 156) Mr. Carton tells Lucie, “For you, and for anyone dear to you, I would do anything. If my career were of that better kind that was any opportunity or capacity of sacrifice in it, I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you..think now and then that there is a man who would give his life, to keep a life you love beside you!”

Although Mr. Carton and Lucie never end up together, I truly do believe this would have been the most endearing and sweet couple ever. He would not only give up his life for her, but also for everyone dear to her. I don’t know very many people who would do that for the sake of their love or dearest one. It actually makes me feel very disappointed that there are not more couples in real life like this. I know a lot of people who will date someone for a month or so, break up, and start dating someone else within a short amount of time. I’m not saying all people are like this, but this is just based on what I have seen throughout my short life.

I also want to add for all you people who are into romantic settings, that there’s this nice video about which places are nice to go to for a first date (in California).

I really like how the guy in this video is trying his hardest to please his date. He didn’t spend a lot of money, yet also wowed her by going to places with a romantic setting (he didn’t pay to get into Disneyland, it was just the parking structure). Eating yogurt with your date is a good way to see if a girl is interested in you. If she hesitates to taste the yogurt from your spoon, then she might not like you. If she doesn’t hesitate, then hey what if she does? So on a first date, don’t spend a lot of money, go to places that will wow her, don’t set a fast tempo to the date and expect to get a kiss, and be a gentleman! Girls don’t like being rushed into getting into a serious and permanent relationship. Show her who you are first, and give her a taste of how being in a relationship with you will be like! The places you go to will really effect how she feels.

Late-at-night Reading

While reading “A Tale of Two Cities,” the tone I set for the story was rather dull and seemed like an essay. I found it difficult to make the story come to life, while at the same time being able to recall information from the text and know what’s going on. And because of this, I kept dozing off while reading and paid attention rather poorly. Then during discussion in class, my English teacher read a specific chapter in the book. Apparently Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross had been flirting in a somewhat concealed, yet obvious, manner. And when I listened to my teacher read I thought, “Wow. How did I not notice this?”

So the message I’m trying to convey is to never ever ever read a story while you’re sleepy or tired! If the way you’re seated or the way you’re reading is causing you to feel sleepy, do something about it! Google solutions, ask your friends or teacher, just don’t do nothing and expect to succeed. I unfortunately do this all the time because I tend to do English assignments last, and when that happens I can hardly pay attention. All I can say is walk around for a bit, drink some water, and return to reading after a maximum of five minutes per break. If even after taking breaks you still feel incredibly sleepy and doze off, it’s a sure sign that you’re done for the day. Even if you absolutely need to finish reading, I believe it’s best to sleep at the maximum of 11:00 pm, then wake up early the next day to finish. I know this is not a preferred method of getting work done, but sometimes this is exactly what a person needs to succeed. Remember that getting enough sleep and maintaining your health is much more important than a grade!