Is Losing Really Such a Bad Thing?



Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of movies involving the bitter taste of defeat. Two of those movies are “Invictus” and “Rocky”, but let’s talk about “Invictus.” At the beginning of the movie, the team was doing terribly in every game they played. They were fed up with it, fed up with disappointing their loved ones, themselves, and their country. Then this one powerful scene was shown, where the captain of the team was talking to his teammates and coaches after a huge loss. He told everyone as they drank, “Drink this beverage with the memory of this loss in your mind. Remember this moment, and engrave it in your heart. Remember this bitter taste of defeat. Then swear to yourself that you will never taste it again.” And this one simple scene just stuck with me for the rest of the week. It motivated me to keep trying no matter how much I’m kicked down.

Lately I’ve been feeling like everything I’ve planned has gone terribly wrong, and that my world has been crashing down. And it broke me completely. I did nothing for weeks, just pretending to be happy in front of my friends and family and living life like a hollow shell. I thought I lost my purpose in life, my motivation. My grades weren’t where I wanted them to be, my loved one was gone forever, and everything just seemed to be against me. I had a good friend to tell me that everything was going to be all right. She made me laugh, and made me feel genuinely happy at times. She rose me from a hellish place and made me feel safe and secure. I lost the urge to end it all. And now I’m almost back to normal, and working harder than ever to be happy so that I’ll never go through that again. I’ve regained my stride and motivation to get a 4.4 weighted GPA, remain in Honors Society, and get into UCLA with a Chemistry major.

What should be pulled out of all of this is that sometimes it’s necessary to hit rock bottom in order to know what you truly want, in order to be truly happy. Taste that bitter taste of defeat and hopelessness, and remember it forever. Your past shapes who you are as a person today, whether you realize it or not. It’s up to you as to how you handle your problems, whether negatively or positively. Choose to handle your problems positively. If you do, you’ll realize that losing everything is not the end of the world. Take some mental notes on what you did wrong, and work hard to prevent it from happening again. Because if you handle your problems well, you can turn that taste of defeat into that of victory.


Revenge – Is it Worth it?

So the question is: Is revenge really worth it? Well the answer really depends.

During the fifth grade, my best friend had done something that really made me angry. I don’t quite remember what it was, but I believe she either talked bad about me to other people or told the guy I liked that I liked him. It was probably the second option. But anyways, I was so angry that before class started, I walked up to her and punched her really hard on the shoulder. I also punched the people she talked to about me. Was it worth it? No it definitely wasn’t. I regretted it soon after and hoped it wouldn’t hinder our friendships that badly. The reason for my wanting revenge was petty and could have been easily forgotten. Heck, I’ve forgotten a lot of the details already and it hasn’t even been ten years yet. However, I DO believe the second scenario is definitely worth it…

All throughout the seventh grade, I was forced to sit with this guy who was very..perverted. He’d touch me in inappropriate places every day, laugh about it, and act as if it was nothing. Being the idiotic middle schooler I was, I never told anyone about it. I don’t understand why I didn’t, but it was probably because I didn’t want to face the consequences. I thought that if I told on him, everyone in the class would hate me for it because he was so popular and well-liked. Taking this into consideration, I took to more violent measures. One day I got so fed up with his inappropriateness that when he touched me, I took my pen and stabbed him in his “precious” place. Then right after, I punched him as hard as I could on his face. He never touched me again. Do I regret? No. Have I ever? Hah. Definitely not. It was probably the best and most satisfying decision I’ve ever made.

So both of these scenarios involve violence. In my opinion—and purely that—it really does depend on the situation in order to properly judge if an action is justified or not. I suppose the morale of the story is to think through your actions before doing anything rash. That is, unless extreme measures call for it. Don’t do something violent or stupid if the reason for the action is petty. Think about it in your head: is the revenge justified? Do the actions weigh out the bad of the consequences?

Collaborating With the “Enemy”

Let’s say you’re in class, and your teacher tells you to form a group of 3-4 people in order to do a project or something similar. You have one other person in your group, and look at who’s the only person left in the class? The one who ALWAYS disagrees and argues with everything you say, and you can never ever seem to get along with them. Oh believe me, that feeling is terrible. ESPECIALLY when before joining your group, they give you a disgusted and angry look and grunts before walking off to somehow find another group. Nope. They’re stuck with you, and you with them.  Class ends, and you have this sinking feeling in your heart that this project will greatly hurt your grade because of the conflicting opinions between you and that other person.

The next day, you have to form back into your groups and work together to bounce off ideas. Guess what happens? They don’t want to work with you, let alone talk. They face away, and start doing things on their own that may or may not be related to the class. The day after that, they still refuse to work with you. What do you possibly do? Honestly, I still don’t know.

I didn’t write about this (may or may not be) hypothetical situation to provide a solution for it. This time I’m asking for one. Anyone have any ideas? Because I can’t think of anything right now and if this continues, I never will. I’m sure all of us have encountered/will encounter a similar situation someday, and I want all of us to be able to combat or prevent it. In the working world, there is no such thing as avoiding each other. There will of course be people you dislike and can’t get along with. But as humans, we have to learn to bear with it and somehow find a way to do so.

The Silent Enemies

So in class, we’ve started reading “The Count of Monte Cristo.” While I’ve just started reading, I’ve come to a realization. Currently, all of us probably have at least one enemy in the sidelines. We don’t know who they are, nor what they’ve been doing behind our backs, possibly not even what they hate about us. And those kinds of enemies are the most dangerous ones. We have absolutely no idea how or when they’re hurting us.

In the book I previously mentioned, the main character Dantes was stabbed in the back by the enemies he never really considered a threat. They accused him of being involved in a conspiracy against the king, which at the time (during the time Napoleon was sent to the Isle of Elba) was the worst possible thing to do. He was sent to prison, and was most likely going to remain there for the rest of his life unless something was done.

How terrible is that? Although of course in real life situations, the consequences of such backstabbing actions is rarely ever quite as severe (at least I hope so).

And so I’d like to address the problem of why these types of dangerous relationships occur. Honestly, I can only come to the conclusion of envy. If you did something to directly harm them and make them hate you, then you would clearly know who was your enemy. They most likely wouldn’t even hate you in silent, but rather clearly express their disgust and anger. But envy, in opposition, is quite different. They don’t even need to know you to hate you. If you’re pretty or hot or have incredibly great grades, they can just see or hear that easily.

I wouldn’t say you need to become paranoid about figuring out who all of your enemies are. A lot of the time the people who silently hate you do absolutely nothing, so don’t worry about it too much. It’s just those rare chances where you encounter an incredibly scary and possibly even insane (not insane as in mad but..I suppose, dramatic?) person that is worrying. I’ve met some people like that and it is not pretty. But nothing bad happened except for a few violent and loud encounters; I doubt anything worse will happen to most of you.

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Aahh Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet and loving day for both couples and close families. Yes, there are both ups and downs to this special day. However, how about we take a change in pace this week? Why not talk about the positives and ignore the negatives for once? Here are what I think are great about this holiday:

  1. Families with Valentine’s Day traditions can get together and celebrate in a non-romantic way
  2. You can get PRESENTS ♥
  3. You can spend the day with your special someone, even if no money is spent on the date
  4. If you’ve been having a lot of fights with your loved one, this is a day to ignore all of that and just be together
  5. Valentine’s Day is a stress-reliever, and just allows you to forget about all your problems (maybe about school, work..)
  6. It allows you to feel all special and happy
  7. It’s a day to possibly get a boyfriend or girlfriend (GO OUT AND ASK THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE!)
  8. You can break your diet and eat plenty of sweets and non-healthy foods
  9. You can revive your dying love by using this day as an excuse to spice things up (try new things, experiment on new restaurants or something)
  10. And finally, you can take a break from the stress of taking care of your kids and just enjoy your day with your husband or wife (Yes, having children is an immense joy that I have yet to experience. However, I do believe it can be a very stressful thing, and parents deserve a break from all of that once in a while)

Not a bad list, huh? I honestly do like Valentine’s Day a lot, but I’d hate it if my significant other spent a lot of money on this day. Spending money on a (special) date is NOT mandatory! So guys, if your girl doesn’t want to be spent on a lot, don’t do it! You’re not gonna get much out of it, and you’ll just end up making her feel bad. If she wants to be spent on, that’s all well and good and you can go ahead and spend your life savings! Kidding. Kind of.

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading guys! And I hope you’ll continue to read my blog posts every week!

Trying to Be Funny

Hey guys! So this week, I just wanted to list some different types of comedy and examples. I’m not really good at cracking jokes or making people laugh, but after being given a packet about comedy techniques, I thought it might help other people in provoking belly laughs in their friends and family, or in recognizing simple comedic techniques in their English classes.

Verbal Irony: When a statement is said, but the speaker is understood to be meaning something contrary to the literal meaning. Ex: Sarcasm, “Isn’t it as pleasant as a root canal?”,  -something bad happens- “Oh, great..”

Situational Irony: A situation in which something is expected, but something else occurs. Ex: A police officer gets arrested, a tow truck is towed

Physical Humor: Horseplay or slapstick; the failure to achieve a physical endeavor. Ex: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Tom & Jerry

Recognized Embarrassment: Ex: Someone farts, you make eye contact with the person next to you, and they think it’s you who did it. Entering the wrong class room. Eating noodles, and coughing out the food. Biting into a piece of pizza, and the cheese falls off and onto your chin.

Mistake: Ex: Falling down, pulling a door when you’re supposed to push, calling a teacher Mom instead of Ms. or Mrs.  _____

Extreme Ignorance or Stupidity: Ex: Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers, PJ from Good Luck Charlie

Sorry for not posting in a while, and for not really discussing topics/voicing out my opinions this time! I wasn’t sure what else could be included in this comedic-based post, but I’ll try to be better next time!

*Note* I may or may not be late in posting next week, due to studying for finals. Sorry in advance!

Late-at-night Reading

While reading “A Tale of Two Cities,” the tone I set for the story was rather dull and seemed like an essay. I found it difficult to make the story come to life, while at the same time being able to recall information from the text and know what’s going on. And because of this, I kept dozing off while reading and paid attention rather poorly. Then during discussion in class, my English teacher read a specific chapter in the book. Apparently Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross had been flirting in a somewhat concealed, yet obvious, manner. And when I listened to my teacher read I thought, “Wow. How did I not notice this?”

So the message I’m trying to convey is to never ever ever read a story while you’re sleepy or tired! If the way you’re seated or the way you’re reading is causing you to feel sleepy, do something about it! Google solutions, ask your friends or teacher, just don’t do nothing and expect to succeed. I unfortunately do this all the time because I tend to do English assignments last, and when that happens I can hardly pay attention. All I can say is walk around for a bit, drink some water, and return to reading after a maximum of five minutes per break. If even after taking breaks you still feel incredibly sleepy and doze off, it’s a sure sign that you’re done for the day. Even if you absolutely need to finish reading, I believe it’s best to sleep at the maximum of 11:00 pm, then wake up early the next day to finish. I know this is not a preferred method of getting work done, but sometimes this is exactly what a person needs to succeed. Remember that getting enough sleep and maintaining your health is much more important than a grade!