Revenge – Is it Worth it?

So the question is: Is revenge really worth it? Well the answer really depends.

During the fifth grade, my best friend had done something that really made me angry. I don’t quite remember what it was, but I believe she either talked bad about me to other people or told the guy I liked that I liked him. It was probably the second option. But anyways, I was so angry that before class started, I walked up to her and punched her really hard on the shoulder. I also punched the people she talked to about me. Was it worth it? No it definitely wasn’t. I regretted it soon after and hoped it wouldn’t hinder our friendships that badly. The reason for my wanting revenge was petty and could have been easily forgotten. Heck, I’ve forgotten a lot of the details already and it hasn’t even been ten years yet. However, I DO believe the second scenario is definitely worth it…

All throughout the seventh grade, I was forced to sit with this guy who was very..perverted. He’d touch me in inappropriate places every day, laugh about it, and act as if it was nothing. Being the idiotic middle schooler I was, I never told anyone about it. I don’t understand why I didn’t, but it was probably because I didn’t want to face the consequences. I thought that if I told on him, everyone in the class would hate me for it because he was so popular and well-liked. Taking this into consideration, I took to more violent measures. One day I got so fed up with his inappropriateness that when he touched me, I took my pen and stabbed him in his “precious” place. Then right after, I punched him as hard as I could on his face. He never touched me again. Do I regret? No. Have I ever? Hah. Definitely not. It was probably the best and most satisfying decision I’ve ever made.

So both of these scenarios involve violence. In my opinion—and purely that—it really does depend on the situation in order to properly judge if an action is justified or not. I suppose the morale of the story is to think through your actions before doing anything rash. That is, unless extreme measures call for it. Don’t do something violent or stupid if the reason for the action is petty. Think about it in your head: is the revenge justified? Do the actions weigh out the bad of the consequences?


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