How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Aahh Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet and loving day for both couples and close families. Yes, there are both ups and downs to this special day. However, how about we take a change in pace this week? Why not talk about the positives and ignore the negatives for once? Here are what I think are great about this holiday:

  1. Families with Valentine’s Day traditions can get together and celebrate in a non-romantic way
  2. You can get PRESENTS ♥
  3. You can spend the day with your special someone, even if no money is spent on the date
  4. If you’ve been having a lot of fights with your loved one, this is a day to ignore all of that and just be together
  5. Valentine’s Day is a stress-reliever, and just allows you to forget about all your problems (maybe about school, work..)
  6. It allows you to feel all special and happy
  7. It’s a day to possibly get a boyfriend or girlfriend (GO OUT AND ASK THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE!)
  8. You can break your diet and eat plenty of sweets and non-healthy foods
  9. You can revive your dying love by using this day as an excuse to spice things up (try new things, experiment on new restaurants or something)
  10. And finally, you can take a break from the stress of taking care of your kids and just enjoy your day with your husband or wife (Yes, having children is an immense joy that I have yet to experience. However, I do believe it can be a very stressful thing, and parents deserve a break from all of that once in a while)

Not a bad list, huh? I honestly do like Valentine’s Day a lot, but I’d hate it if my significant other spent a lot of money on this day. Spending money on a (special) date is NOT mandatory! So guys, if your girl doesn’t want to be spent on a lot, don’t do it! You’re not gonna get much out of it, and you’ll just end up making her feel bad. If she wants to be spent on, that’s all well and good and you can go ahead and spend your life savings! Kidding. Kind of.

Well that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading guys! And I hope you’ll continue to read my blog posts every week!


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