Cause Traffic is the Best Thing In the World, Right?

So on my way to class this week, I went down the usual streets and realized that I had been staying in place for several minutes. It took me 10-20 minutes to get through just one street, and when I finally arrived at the light I realized that there was a blockade. I still don’t really know what happened, other than that there were a few police cars up ahead and that’s why everything on the path to that area was blocked off. At first I was really angry and annoyed, but it gave me time to think and I had no tests nor quizzes that afternoon. So I began to relax!

Tests, quizzes, presentations, essays, studying, homework, volunteering, clubs. That’s all that’s EVER on my mind all throughout the week. Even during the weekends, I don’t really have time to myself.

So why think? Well it gives you time to organize things in your mind, re-evaluate your actions, prevent future mistakes from occurring, and it gives you a little “you-time”. No one can hear your thoughts, you don’t need to hesitate about anything. Your mind is your safe haven. However, it’s bad to have too many things running through your mind all at once, similar to how traffic comes about. What I’m trying to say is, don’t over-complicate things.  Yes things seem bad at the moment, and you’ll get really angry and frustrated. However, there’s always a bright side at the end of the road and you can begin a new path. Even if you have a lot of things going on in your life at the moment, always remember to give yourself some you-time because hey, you deserve it. Everyone deserves a break every once in a while, so don’t push yourself too hard or else you’ll be stopped at a blockade and give up.


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