Struggling with Creative Art

Hey guys! So during class last week, we did a few creative activities. Since I was in a rut this week for a new topic, I decided to just re-post some of these drawings from my classmates. I thought they were really cool , and that you would all enjoy a nice change in pace. Unfortunately, none of these original arts are mine. I’ve never been an artistic person, and having been struggling with both being creative and being artistic all my life. Although it’s not like I’m the only one! So here you go, and enjoy!

Props to Chris

Props to Chris

Props to Linh


Props to Timothy (This is my favorite picture)

Props to Sara

Props to Michelle

Props to Tiffany

Props to Aileen

Please remember that none of this art is mine; I’m not trying to steal credit from any of them. If you’d like to compliment the original artist, I can try to pass on the message (although I don’t really know most of the people mentioned in this post). And thanks for reading this week’s post!


4 comments on “Struggling with Creative Art

  1. sarasince98 says:

    AHH! It’s my picture!! Haha. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 But really, in complete honesty, I think EVERYONE has a creative side, no matter how minute it may be. Remember that art comes in different fields: drawing, gaming, animating, martial arts, writing, dancing, etc. I’m sure that your creativity is very special and unique to yourself, whether you have discovered it yet or not. I’M INSPIRING YOU TO CREATE SOMETHING ARTISTIC THAT IS COMPLETELY AMAZING AND LOVELY! 😀 But anyways, I’m curious, what did you do for your mishmash? What was your creation?

    • lillypham says:

      I drew a wallet with loose change inside but reaallyy didn’t like it, so I threw it away and didn’t complete it LOL. I honestly couldn’t think of anything artistic to do, the best and first idea I had was to use a quarter as a diamond for a wedding ring. I really liked your homework assignment art though! It’s super amazing and creative, I’m jealousss. And I do believe everyone has a creative side to them, it’s just difficult to discover and I honestly wonder how long it’ll take me

      • sarasince98 says:

        Why didn’t you carry on with your first idea? You know what would be cool, use the faces on the change, and create a comic strip of dialogues with the “people.” Haha

      • lillypham says:

        Ooh that’d actually be kinda cool, I’ll consider it! Depends on how much time I’ll have this week. Thanks for the idea! And I didn’t do it because a friend told me it was too simple

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