Trying to Be Funny

Hey guys! So this week, I just wanted to list some different types of comedy and examples. I’m not really good at cracking jokes or making people laugh, but after being given a packet about comedy techniques, I thought it might help other people in provoking belly laughs in their friends and family, or in recognizing simple comedic techniques in their English classes.

Verbal Irony: When a statement is said, but the speaker is understood to be meaning something contrary to the literal meaning. Ex: Sarcasm, “Isn’t it as pleasant as a root canal?”,  -something bad happens- “Oh, great..”

Situational Irony: A situation in which something is expected, but something else occurs. Ex: A police officer gets arrested, a tow truck is towed

Physical Humor: Horseplay or slapstick; the failure to achieve a physical endeavor. Ex: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Tom & Jerry

Recognized Embarrassment: Ex: Someone farts, you make eye contact with the person next to you, and they think it’s you who did it. Entering the wrong class room. Eating noodles, and coughing out the food. Biting into a piece of pizza, and the cheese falls off and onto your chin.

Mistake: Ex: Falling down, pulling a door when you’re supposed to push, calling a teacher Mom instead of Ms. or Mrs.  _____

Extreme Ignorance or Stupidity: Ex: Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers, PJ from Good Luck Charlie

Sorry for not posting in a while, and for not really discussing topics/voicing out my opinions this time! I wasn’t sure what else could be included in this comedic-based post, but I’ll try to be better next time!

*Note* I may or may not be late in posting next week, due to studying for finals. Sorry in advance!


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