Late-at-night Reading

While reading “A Tale of Two Cities,” the tone I set for the story was rather dull and seemed like an essay. I found it difficult to make the story come to life, while at the same time being able to recall information from the text and know what’s going on. And because of this, I kept dozing off while reading and paid attention rather poorly. Then during discussion in class, my English teacher read a specific chapter in the book. Apparently Mr. Lorry and Miss Pross had been flirting in a somewhat concealed, yet obvious, manner. And when I listened to my teacher read I thought, “Wow. How did I not notice this?”

So the message I’m trying to convey is to never ever ever read a story while you’re sleepy or tired! If the way you’re seated or the way you’re reading is causing you to feel sleepy, do something about it! Google solutions, ask your friends or teacher, just don’t do nothing and expect to succeed. I unfortunately do this all the time because I tend to do English assignments last, and when that happens I can hardly pay attention. All I can say is walk around for a bit, drink some water, and return to reading after a maximum of five minutes per break. If even after taking breaks you still feel incredibly sleepy and doze off, it’s a sure sign that you’re done for the day. Even if you absolutely need to finish reading, I believe it’s best to sleep at the maximum of 11:00 pm, then wake up early the next day to finish. I know this is not a preferred method of getting work done, but sometimes this is exactly what a person needs to succeed. Remember that getting enough sleep and maintaining your health is much more important than a grade!


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