Thinking Outside the Box

Recently, three other friends and I presented in English class together about the first paragraph of “A Tale of Two Cities.” There were eight groups total, and the rule was that you couldn’t say something any of the prior groups had already said. This was incredibly difficult, considering we were the sixth group to present our ideas. And it was especially worrying because a group who had gone before us had said absolutely everything I was going to mention when it was our turn (I literally checked everything off my paper).

What I learned from this experience was that not everything was going to go my way in life. There will be many times where I have the same idea as someone else, but they either mention it before I do or they are able to portray and explain it better. There will always be someone better than I am. However, this is no reason to get all upset and depressed about. I like to think of this type of competition as an opportunity to improve. I’ve always been a rather competitive person, who gets irritated whenever someone displays better skills than I do in a certain activity or subject. So hopefully you all can also find a motive in pursuing higher goals, as well as striving to come up with ideas that are so amazing and unique that no one else could possibly think of it first.


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