Giving Money to the Poor Reduces Poverty

Hey, guys! So I was reading this article that was titled “Research Finds That Giving Money to the Poor Reduces Poverty.” I read it because I was thinking, “Well isn’t that kind of obvious?” But then I realized that there were most likely some people who abused the situation of being handed free money by wasting it on drugs, cigarettes, etc.  What was written in the article was that…

A man named Blattman had recently finished a four-year study, where he and other people would hand money to people in northern Uganda to see what the results of this action would be. What I read quite honestly shocked me: most of the people who were given money were practicing a skilled trade and were able to increase their income by about 40% (on average). However, a part of their funds was of course used for educational purposes before getting into actual business. I was really only expecting a minority of the people to utilize the given money to their fullest capabilities.  But for the majority to be capable of this? Wow.

If you would like to read about this in more detail, visit:

Sorry for the late post, guys! I ended up waiting until 12:30 am to post this because of Mole’s Day.



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