1st Birthday Party

Today I went to my twin cousins’ first birthday party.  They were super adorable, as always!! They played around a lot and got carried around all over the house, and seemed rather happy because of all the attention they were getting. Sometimes they cried though, although I’m not sure why. Maybe they were scared of all the unfamiliar people or missed their mommy.


There are Audrey and Isabelle, the most difficult-to-handle babies I’ve ever met. The photo session took thrice as long as it should have, just because we couldn’t get them to look at the cameras nor smile. But…SUCCESS. WE FINALLY GOT AUDREY TO LAUGH FOR THE CAMERA. Too bad nothing worked on Isabelle. Next year, little baby. And if you’re wondering about the piñata, we let all the little kids go first. We spent around a half hour trying to get them to break it. I found it cute how they’d all just stab it or gently hit it with the stick (they were one to three year olds).


There’s Big Sister Sydney!!!! She amused herself for quite a while by arranging stickers all over her clothes. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get a picture of her after the piñata-breaking. She took all the bags of Skittles and ran to her own little corner so no one would take them while she ate.  Can’t wait to see these adorable kids in November! ♥



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